February 27, 2020

Today Lover had to go into the office, so we were on our own! We had a good day, and Cassandra seems to finally be on the mend! The kids did a bunch of school – explode the code, handwriting, Declan finished his workbook, and they did some independent reading. They also watched a bunch of shows since that was what Cassandra was up for today.

Our floors arrived today – hurray! We’re on the schedule for next Monday the 9th and I am counting down the days! A friend brought us over some groceries and a surprise bouquet of flowers since we’ve been stuck at home all week with this yucky sickness.

Today finally warmed up a bit, so we played outside before quiet time, and then walked to Zumba class and back. It was so nice to be outside in the sunshine! We got to the rec center early, and had some time to watch the pickup games of basketball. Javi and KK even got in on the hoop shooting and Javi made several baskets! This was the last Zumba class for this block of time. The boys said they enjoyed it but do not want to continue. Keilana loved it and wants to continue!

The kids made their school lunches and took baths – all ready for school tomorrow! I got in lots of writing today, I am in a good groove and the story is really flowing! Hopefully we are on the road to healthy-ness, and we can stay healthy for more than a week! Keilana also spent most of the day with her new little doggie, Cutie. This toy is a hit!

February 26, 2020

We decided, at least for now, to have the kids not start their day with a show in the mornings. For a long time this has worked well – it gave us 30 minutes to get started on our day (dressed, makeup on, a few minutes to chat, etc) and took care of the “when can we watch a show?” questions all day. But now that the kids are a little bit older, they are starting to be able to sleep in, and having the allure of a show to watch first thing was getting them out of bed sooner than they needed to. So we are trialing just getting up and playing until breakfast. One of the mornings they decided to go outside first thing though, so we had to add an addendum – no going outside until Mom and Dad have come downstairs! 🙂

I met with Christa at church to prepare for our MOPS bake sale fundraiser. We are doing pre-orders of pies and breads, so we needed to make sure everything was ready for that. Our bake sale is a ton of work, but I have a wonderful team and it’s so worth in terms of how much we raise for our MOPS group for next year! Someone is generously donating all of the supplies for our pre-orders, which is going to make our sale that much more profitable. I’m excited!

We did a videochat with Luke’s parents and tried to catch them up on everything that’s happening around here. We also heard that our floors came in, and should be delivered tomorrow! That means that in about two or three weeks we are going to have hardwood floors all throughout the downstairs! Hurray!

Cassandra is still very sick, so we’ve been staying home and trying to help her feel better. So far no one else is showing signs of catching this super nasty virus. The kids did lots of school yesterday – after we rearranged the school stuff they seem to be really excited to know where everything is, and they’ve been enjoying doing some extra work. Javi is really close to finishing his 100 lessons reading book, which is really exciting! I’m looking for some really simple chapter books that will catch Keilana’s interest – I feel like she’s ready for that and just needs a little direction in that area. Declan is loving reading but is struggling with reading comprehension. He can read all of the words in his lessons, but can’t keep track of what they mean in a sentence. That will come in time, we just need to keep working on it.

We went for a long walk after lunch – taking advantage of a few nice days before the next storm. The weather has just been so yucky! The sunshine and fresh air felt really good. Kiddos went to AWANA and Keilana cashed in all her AWANA bucks from saying all her verses – she was so excited to pick out several of the BIG prizes with her $68 bucks. 🙂 It’s been a full week so far, but a good one!

February 25, 2020

Javi slept in a lot today, hurray! The kids played for a while this morning before breakfast, and then ate lots. Then we did our chores and school, and we did LOTS of school today. Declan did a workbook learning about opposites, Javi read independently, both bigs worked on handwriting and explode the code, and then did Silly sentences and dominoes.

We finished emptying out the big hutch in the living room so that we can sell it, and in the process discovered some fun school materials that the kids enjoyed exploring today. When we did Spanish videos the kids were super excited, and even asked to watch more after lunch.

Lunch was also Spanish – tortilla and salad, one of our favorite meals! We did forget to have our Spanish wine with it though. I sent a few more queries today, and got two more rejection responses. Looking forward to a positive response, or at least a response with some feedback sometime soon!

Lover took the kids to the library this afternoon, and they discussed lightning, electrical resistance and conductivity of different materials, and what happens as a result of electrical resistance. Lover bought them each one gummy worm at the grocery store, and they played a game of hide and seek at Walmart. While they were out, I went for a walk and did some writing, and just generally relaxed. It was much needed. The kids and Lover brought me home flowers, which definitely brightened this dreary winter day! We are ready for spring! The kids all collaborated to hide the flowers in my room as a surprise.

Cassandra was doing a little better today – she took another long nap and hopefully tomorrow will be fully recovered. And then we wrote our recap of the day.

February 24, 2020

Last Friday highlights: we landed our first customer! I sold a liquor store on a website deal and they made a deposit! It was super exciting and also stressful, but so fun to get our first customer!

Saturday was 50 degrees most of the day, so we cleaned up the house and then took a long walk down Power Line Trail to the Little Caesars, shared a pizza, and then played for awhile at the McDs playplace. Then after we walked back home we had some ice cream! We even got sunburned! We also got confirmation that my newest little niece was born! Hurray! We are so happy for them.

Sunday was life group and we enjoyed several hours with friends, a pretty restful day overall.

Which brings us to today! School went really smoothly this morning, which is always a nice surprise. Javi is reading like a champ! Keilana has far surpassed her reading level, and is also really advancing in math, all these things are so encouraging to see. Declan is desperate to learn to read, I did a couple of lessons with him, and then he did six more on his own! Cassandra is feeling under the weather, little bit of a fever, so we spent a good portion of the day snuggling.

We finally watched Endgame, so we have officially completed our quest to watch the Marvel movies with the kids! Bigs really loved it, but all of the time travel stuff went right over Declan’s head, so he was pretty lost. We also did a video chat with my parents and caught them up on all the fun stuff that has been happening lately.

I got my first rejection letter in response to a query! It’s an odd thing to be excited about, but I guess just the knowledge that others are reading the beginning of my book is fun. I didn’t feel like this agency was a particularly good fit anyways. Hopefully better news will be coming my way in the next few weeks!

We also worked on emptying out our big hutch/bookcase in our living room. It holds all our books, school books, filing, games, and so much more. We’re going to be selling it and since our hardwood floors are going in, now’s the time to get rid of it. It holds a surprising amount of stuff, so we’re tackling it little bits at a time. The kids helped move all the books up to the loft this evening and had way too much fun doing it.

Hopefully this bug will pass the rest of the kids, and we won’t have to restructure the rest of our week! We will see. Cassandra seems to be doing better, but that could be the medicine talking. 🙂

February 19, 2020

Lover made waffles today, and since they are sugary, the kids wanted to know if it was a holiday or a special day! So, in the end, we decided it was for Yayo, since today was Yayo’s birthday! We called him and did a video chat for a little while, and the kids were very talkative and communicative. They are excited that we’ll be seeing them in a few months. We also finished up the craft we started yesterday!

Then, we headed to Burger King at 10am to meet up with friends. The kids played while Brooke and I talked through the last few MOPS events for this year. We are praying for someone to step up and take over MOPS next year! Also, we ran into Pastor Paul, at his home away from home. 🙂 Lover did a video call with his parents while we were gone.

Then we did snack, Spanish videos, and quiet time. I took a nap, because I was tired! Keilana did NOT make a craft during quiet time. Javi finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – a super long HP book!

I worked on our business after lunch, while Lover did math lessons with the kids. They are working on multiplication and division, and they are starting to figure it out! AWANA got canceled due to snow, so we made popcorn, hot chocolate and sliced apples and watched Brave. It’s a cute movie, and the kids were very worried for Merida’s mom! Lover’s back is bothering him, but massage, rest and Advil seem to be helping him.

I also called and talked to my aunt this morning and got an update on Grandma. We are praying for her to not be in so much pain from her broken elbow! This was a busy day!

February 18, 2020

Today was MOPS! The kids all helped with setup, which was a huge help. Everything went pretty smoothly, and with everyone helping we finished up by 11:30. Only six more meetings left this year! The kids really enjoyed building a fire truck puzzle during MOPS. We had a woman visit who is interested in starting a MOPS group in a more rural part of Colorado, and I enjoyed chatting with her about our group. I told the girls today about our plans to move to Spain in the fall, and they were all very excited for me!

Working on a fun spring craft!

After MOPS the kids worked on a craft – such a fun and creative bunch of kiddos we have! Keilana created a “crazy horse” and Lover asked if she was going to call it “Chief Crazy Horse.” I wrote off and on all day, finally finishing up a pivotal chapter I’ve been working on for a week or so. I’m really happy with it!

Cassandra is making progress on potty training, which is encouraging! Declan played with Legos and played outside in the sunshine for a long time. Declan and KK made a gigantic zoo out of the Duplos, they were very proud of it. Declan was measuring out rows of Duplos against the bases, and figuring how many rows correlated to each other.

After quiet time, we worked on chores and school, and did lunch. Lover made up a batch of our favorite lentil recipe and we all devoured it. Yum! Lover fielded calls and texts from a recruiter – it’s been a busy time of year for job inquiries. Nothing concrete yet, but Lover always enjoys investigating possibilities.

After lunch we cleaned up, and then Lover and the kiddos watched Black Panther while I supervised baths, chatted with friends and wrote some more. Then Lover made a really yummy cream pasta dish, and this is why we are fat. 🙂

Tonight we plan on working on the business for a while after bedtime, and then hopefully I’ll squeeze in a little more writing before our own bedtime. It was a good day!

February 17, 2020

Today Lover had off, so we had a free day! We were supposed to get another storm, but the weather changed, so we decided to get out of the house. It was still cold and not terribly sunny, so we decided to go to the arsenal to see the bison, and then to Bass Pro Shops.
At the Arsenal, we did Wildlife drive and saw dozens of deer, a hawk that nearly caught a rabbit, and… the bison! The bison were lying right by the road – which we planned for. We have a joke that when I don’t bring my good camera, the bison are always close by. So, it was meant to be!

The Arsenal Bison herd!

After our drive through the arsenal, we went to Bass Pro Shops. It’s such a cool store with all the taxidermy – moose, deer, wolves, elk, bears, puma, bison, goats, pronghorn….They also have live fish and ducks, so it’s a great place to walk around, see the animals and get some wiggles out. There are elevators to ride, animal tracks to decipher, and tents to explore. We picked out an ice fishing tent, but then decided to keep our money for Spain instead. : )

On the second floor of Bass Pro Shops

After our morning outing, we headed back home for snack and quiet time. We had a bit of an up and down day – hopefully tomorrow everyone will be in better moods and ready to follow the rules. Javi and Lover went out for special time, and then we ate our dinner. After dinner we will watch a quick movie, and then bedtime!

February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day! Bigs had school today, and they celebrated with their friends at school and made me lovely Valentine’s cards. Lover helped the littles make me Valentines as well, but they decided after they made them that they really liked them and we would just share them instead. 🙂

Lover made me a little card, and bought me a big bag of steak strips. My favorite! We agreed that Valentine’s was a great day to ditch the diet, and we enjoyed lots of yummy snacks throughout the day.

We took the littles to the play place at the mall just to get out of the house. The mall also has wifi, so Lover is able to work there, and we chatted and watched the kids play. Nice and relaxing! We are always ready for a down day by Friday when the kids go to school!

The weather hit 50 degrees, so the four of us walked to pick up the bigs from school. Snow was melting everywhere, and the sun was shining and it felt lovely. Then once we got home we headed out for what we termed “American tapas” which was just fast food places, but lots of fun!

We went to all our favorite places, and ordered just our favorites at each one- churritos and a cheeseburger at Jack in the box, pizza and a hot dog at Sams Club, fries at Mcds, curly fries at Arby’s, tacos at Taco Bell and chicken sandwiches and nuggets at BK. We all shared everything and it ended up being a super laidback, fun way to spend Valentine’s all together. The owner at Jack-in-the-Box thought our kids were adorable, and even brought them extra churritos just to be nice!

It ended up being a full, and yet relaxing day. A friend and I spent the day texting back and forth – she’s putting together some sketches of clothing for my characters in my novel. Super fun!

February 13, 2020

Another cold and wintry day. Lover had an interview that went very well, and we did our chores, schoolwork and lots of laundry today. I made a big, filling breakfast for the kiddos (and we ate the leftovers. Yum!) Turns out I can cook, when I put my mind to it. The kids really wanted to play today, so we did minimal amounts of sit-down work and then they played together for the rest of the morning. When it was time for a Spanish video, we opted for Toy Story 4 in Spanish, and the big three stayed pretty engaged for most of the movie.

Quiet time was spent cleaning up Legos, resting, and for me, chatting with a friend about clothing/costuming for my book. It was a really fun conversation, and it gave me some great ideas for my books as they develop.

We made kielbasa and green beans, with our yummy cauliflower side dish today. It was super filling and satisfying, and the kids all ate it well. During our meal we worked on questions in Spanish – specifically tying them to the kids’ Zumba class, which made it easier for them to respond. They’re really making an effort!

They were all excited to go to Zumba today, and they enjoyed it for the most part. Javi got upset when another girl in the class wouldn’t stop harassing him, and the teacher spoke to us about it afterwards. He’s still excited to return next week though, thankfully.

We were supposed to have a business appointment today, but she canceled late in the afternoon. We already had a sitter, so instead we went to the library and worked on querying my novel. We sent it out to five agents and we have a few more to send it to, and then we’ll wait a bit to see what happens. Very exciting!

February 12, 2020

Tuesday and Wednesday were snowy, cold days, great for staying at home. We had a pretty quiet day on Tuesday, and in the afternoon we headed to IKEA to get some exercise. When we first got there the play area was full, but after walking around upstairs and exploring all of the tiny spaces, (and taking notes for our apartment in Spain!) there was room for the kids to go play. We dropped them off and they played for about 45 minutes and enjoyed a little change of pace. Cassandra stayed with us and talked our ear off.

I didn’t know what kind of week we would have, so Tuesday was a bit of a catch-up day to re-plan our week. I got a lot more writing done – my second book is really flowing, and I’m enjoying advancing the story. I also need to do another edit of my first book, but I’m on a roll and not ready to stop just yet.

Wednesday it was also cold and snowy – seems to be the forecast for the foreseeable future. I helped the kids build a huge fort in the living room, and we did school and played and worked on the business. Once it got dark we played hide n seek, and then the kids headed to AWANA. We are so thankful for that mid-week activity! Keilana finished her book and review last week, so now she is working on the bonus book. Lover took Cassandra out with him – and I got in a bunch of writing.

We finished up a series we’ve been watching last night, and then since I didn’t feel tired I stayed up and wrote some more. I’ve been in a total reading slump lately, but my writing is on fire! Notable homeschooling stuff – Keilana asked how people get different colored eyes, and Lover gave them a introduction to DNA and how it affects us throughout our life. Fascinating stuff!